Planning a Birthday Party, Indoor / Outdoor, Church or School event?  Let PARTY WHEELZ roll in the fun for the best unforgettable party! We deliver a fleet of electric ride-on kids cars directly to your event for hours of fun.

Cars are designed for ages 2 to 13 years old, operated by the child seated inside the car or parents control it by remote controller - double fun for the entire party! 

Seeing the kids' happy faces will be a priceless sight as they ride in these realistic cars.  Most importantly, it would help develop the child's cognitive and psycho-motor skills while enhancing their self-esteem too. You would be in awe at the features of each car: Real horn and engine sounds; cool colorful LED lights, working doors and dashboard, foot pedal and seat belts for safety.

We, at PARTY WHEELZ believe that every child should have the opportunity to live life at its fullest!  Our main goal is to provide the BEST service to our customers whether you are 2 years old or 100!  "We bring the wheels to the Party" is not only a catchy slogan but it falls in line with our mission.  

Call us at 708.654.2497 and it would be our pleasure to host your next event! Thank you for your business!

Diane Gore
Founder & CEO


The Sport theme includes all the luxury cars we adults dream about. Select SPORTS theme and we will deliver a combination of 1-2 seater cars. Our inventory changes, so call if you don't see the car you're looking for...

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Select the POLICE & MARVEL theme and watch the kids ride into action and feel as cool as a super hero saving the world! We will deliver a combination of the following cars, ATVs & motorcycles: *BATMAN * SUPERMAN * CAPTAIN AMERICA * POLICE

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Select ATV & DUNE theme and watch the little racers satisfy their need for fun and speed. We will deliver a combination of ATVs and Dunes of all colors and sizes.

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Select TRUCKS theme and the young drivers will love steering into exciting rugged adventures! We will deliver a combination of Trucks, Jeeps & SUVs by: * FORD F150 * HUMMER * RANGE ROVER * CADALLAC

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Select VARIETY and we shall deliver at least 5 cars of any combination from all our themes of SPORTS, ATV, DUNE and MARVEL.

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